Atom Power


Atom Power Skull Painting laser engraved on wood.
This is my interpretation of an atomic explosion. I’m not against nuclear power, but it was quite a delusion when I understood that we are using the nuclear fission power to boil water and generate electricity.
I am fascinated by horror and for me what happened in Chernobyl was (and still is hot!) a huge horror, a hole we created on the planet by our “advanced” technology.
I even worked on engineering phases for Nuclear Power Plant Mochovce units 3&4 completion, I was living in Slovakia in that period and I saw all the videos you can find on YouTube about the Chernobyl disaster.
So, I tried to show in this Skull Painting the horror behind technology, the “old” rococo style flames simulates the “Fire of Gods” release by the atom fission, and the blue eyes for the Cherenkov Radiation.
19.7 x 11.5 x 0.7 inch (500 x 290 x 18 mm)

Pine/Alder wood (upon availability) & acrylics

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